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Optimistic Recruitment Agency specialises in helping businesses find the top 15% of Tech professionals within 21 days from the initial search. Is your company ready to find the perfect professional?

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We excel at sourcing ambitious and positive-minded candidates to join your team. Our expertise is being able to identify the right candidates that not only have the experience you’re looking for, but the right attitude to match your company’s values. Do you need help figuring out what roles will help your business run more efficiently? We can do that, too.

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    Optimistic HR Recruitment works with top local and international businesses, as well as mid-sized corporations in the Thai market in the area of human resource development and recruitment services, as well as strategic consulting services in the IT and software fields.


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    77/148 ชั้น 34 อาคารสินสาธรถ. คุ้งธนบุรีแขวงคลองต้นไทรเขตคลองสานกรุงเทพมหานคร 10600